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How to get here


Getting to Yelapa, requires getting to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX.

This isn’t difficult, as Puerto Vallarta is a popular vacation destination. There are many flights offered by several airlines coming into Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport (code PVR). This page, Air travel to Puerto Vallarta, lists airlines that provide direct flights from major cities in Canada, The United States and Mexico.

Transportation From the Airport

Once you land and collect your luggage, your next task is getting transportation into town. Before you leave the airport with your luggage you will receive a number of very persuasive and expensive offers (about $30 from very aggressive cab drivers).

Public Transportation

We recommend you politely decline these offers and take the local bus, which stops right in front of the airport and will cost you about 70 cents per person. Puerto Vallarta has a very efficient municipal bus system; although it is unlike any public transit system in the U.S. or Canada. Each bus is independently owned and operated, and drivers find ingenious ways of decorating theirs to make them stand out. If you’re going toward downtown, practically any bus from the airport will get you there. Each bus advertises its destination on its front. If you are headed to Yelapa, you’ll want to look for one going to “Old Town,” or “Zona Romantica,” which is where Los Muertos Pier is located, which is the water taxi’s pick-up and drop-off point.


If you would rather take a taxi, your best bet is to walk across the pedestrian foot bridge and catch one on the other side of the street. Taxis on this side of the street are less expensive because they don’t have to pay the airport tax. Tell your driver you’re going to Los Muertos Pier in Old Town, or Zona Romantica.

Water Taxi

The final leg of your trip to Yelapa will be by water taxi. Water taxis depart for from the Los Muertos Pier in Old Town and make several stops down the coast until they reach Yelapa.

Departure times vary with the season so don’t be surprised if a “scheduled” water departure isn’t quite on schedule. Relax! Have a drink at one of the many beach cafes, enjoy the area … the water taxi will get there eventually.

If you happen to miss the last taxi out, there are many hotels that can put you up for the night.

Getting Around Yelapa

There are no cars in Yelapa. The foot paths are frequently punctuated with tree roots and other uneven surfaces. On land, you can either walk or ride a burro. You can easily cross the small cove from Casa Luna to the main beach by kayak. If your swimming skills are moderate or better, you could also swim. Since nothing is very far away, walking is the preferred method of getting around. For demonstration of navigating the foot paths, please see our video tour.

Leaving Yelapa

There are several scheduled departures per day from Yelapa by water taxi during the peak season. It is best to be a little bit early to ensure that you do not miss the boat, as they do sometimes leave earlier than the scheduled departure time. Please see our water taxi information page. Please remember you will be on Mexico time, so times of departure will vary.